Using a PDF Creator Printer in Citrix XenApp 4.5


This blog post assumes that PDF Creator is already installed and running on a print server as per this article:

This blog post will describe how to deploy PDF Creator as a Citrix session printer for select users on a domain.
Create a new Citrix policy in Citrix Presentation Server Console:

Right-click on this newly created policy and choose ‘properties’

Go to Printing > Session Printers and click enable, then click ‘Add’

Click on New and enter network credentials for an account with access to the print server

Select the newly added printer from the list and click OK

Next you need to specify which users will get this printer.

Right-click on the Policy and choose ‘apply this policy to’

Go to Users and tick ‘Filter based on users’
I created a security group in AD to easily control who had access to this printer.

Enter the domain and user group in the ‘Add List of Names’ box and click OK

That’s it!

When a user is a member of the security group and logs in to Citrix they will get PDF Creator mapped as a session printer.



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