Secure Internet printing using IPP over SSL


• When we print over the Internet today, that print data is sent unencrypted

• Puts our data at risk

• Doesn’t force adherence to data protection laws


• By using IPP over SSL instead of a raw printer connection, we can enforce encryption of all print traffic traversing the Internet

• Secures our data • Complies with data protection law

• Doesn’t require any new network hardware

• Doesn’t require any new printer hardware (at least not a lot)

• We’ll need to ensure that any printers we purchase in future support IPP over SSL.


If we configure our existing Kyocera printers as follows then we can enable and use IPP over SSL.

• Enable SSL on printer

• Enable IPP over SSL on printer

• Open up firewall port on router to map a port on the external IP interface to the internal printer (TCP 443 by default)

• Connect to the printer Command Centre (web interface) and create a new SSL certificate who’s Common Name matches the external IP address of the remote site

• Ensure a password is set on the Command Centre web UI (which meets our Password Policy)

• Save this certificate and import it into the Trusted Root CAs certificate store on the print server

• Ensure the “Internet Printing Client” feature is installed on the print server

• Add a network printer to the print server, connecting to the URL of the externally visible port on the firewall (e.g.


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